Football season 2018 - results.


Final results of the Football Championship of the Republic of Belarus 2018.






Prime Hall club yesterday became a real Mecca of Belarusian football. In the first half of the day it hosted the best people of the country's junior football. Our future stars were awarded with their medals and cups. And at night the awards for football season 2018 were presented to our professional teams and players.

Their prizes also received our honorary veterans. It was pleasant to note that for most of them FC Dinamo-Minsk took and still taking a large part of their life.

What concerns the current players, only one individual award went to a representative of our club yesterday. Andrei Harbunou, expectedly, received a prize for the best goalkeeper of the championship. The best result of this season - 18 "dry" matches in the championship, 2 in European cups and 4 for the national team!

- The best season in the career? Of course yes, 24 total "dry" matches, I have never had such a result before. (Andrei looked happy already before the ceremony).

Yury Aliakseevich Kurbyka, who awarded Andrei noted that, in his humble opinion(and he knows what he is talking about), Harbunou is one of the best goalkeepers in the history of the country. "Senya" himself, in his peculiarly modest manner, with a smile, thanked all the teammates who helped him to achieve these impressive result:

- Dinamers, - this is your award as well!



One more prize, which went to "Dinamo-Minsk", was in the nomination "Two squads", where the winner was the team that had the most points in the championship earned by the main and reserve teams. The award was given to the director general of the club, Siarhei Vasilyevich Pernikau, who congratulated everyone on the end of the season and wished to set new goals and, of course, achieve them.



Also symbolic teams of the championship were announced. Ihar Shytau got into the team "B", and in the team "A" there were three Dinamo players: Andrei Harbunou, Nino Galovic and Seydu Yahaya.

Season 2018 is officially over. Once again, We would like to thank everyone who was with us this year and supported us!


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