Ihar Shytau: we deserved it.


Post-match comments by Ihar Shytau.





The most important day in recent months for you today, right?

- Yes, That's right. Finally, I have completely recovered from the injury.

Tell us how were you preparing during this week.

- I felt rather calm. I had already run such a mileage that all my thoughts were only about getting back to the field as soon as possible.

What was the most difficult during this period of recovery?

- The recovery process itself. recovering procedures could take a whole day.

Almost five months without football. Was there any jimmy before entering the field?

- No, on the contrary - an emotional upsurge, finally I am returning to play football, the game itself is still a pleasure for me.

What about the match? Everything went wrong already from the beginning ...

- True. Opponent surprised us with the crosses, we were not ready for such a game. It seemed  very simple, a long cross and immediate dangerous episode at out goals ... This should not be like that.

The end of the season but we still see lots of  mistakes. Why is it so?

- I can not tell. Maybe the baggage of fatigue affects, but all this is just an excuse. If we want to fight for something bigger, then we have no right to make such mistakes in any case.

When the referee awarded a penalty free-kick, what did you feel?

- Some kind of devastation. It was only our fault, all because of our own mistakes.

After the match, the fans were very disappointed ...

- What deserved their anger.



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