The women's team started with a victory.


A planned training camp of the women's national team of Belarus.






The women's national team of Belarus with Yury Maleeu as a head coach, is holding a regular training camp.

Today the team played its first test match. With a score of 6:0 in Mahileu, the national team of Belarus beat the Iran national team.

Nastassia Novikava, Victorya Kazakevich, Nastassia Linnik, Hanna Pilipenka (scored a hat-trick and made one assist), Nastassia Shlapakova and Karyna Alkhovik (scored a double) entered the starting lineup of the "White Wings". Also in the list for the match were Victorya Valiuk and Nastassia Papova (entered the field in the second half).

The next match will take place on Monday (June 14, 19:00) in Vitebsk. Opponent - national team of Uzbekistan.



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