The season is over!


Season 2018 is officially closed.






Winter came to Minsk exactly on schedule - on December 1st. We had serious difficulties yesterday during the match between the reserve teams. And if the synthetic field of the BSPU stadium somehow managed cope with the snow, but despite the full capacity of the heating system of the Dinamo stadium the snow on the lawn did not melt. Employees of the national Olympic stadium have made every effort and have done a tremendous job to let the teams to play on high-quality field today. Indeed, providing the teams with proper football field and taking care of the health of the players - this is what should be a priority for any professional team. Therefore, all these conversations and attempts to find another reason for negativity against our club, which began in the press on the eve of the match due to the fact that the decision was made to hold a match at Dinamo, looked, at least, extremely illogical ...

As expected, from the very first minutes the blue- whites took control of the ball and began to look for approaches to the goals of Torpedo. Attack after attack. It was clear that the goal will come up soon. And so it happened already in the 23rd minute, when Artsem Hurenka from the corner flag was able to make a classy transfer to the penalty area, where Aliaksei Haurylovich struck right on target.

Of course, eight degrees below zero is not the best temperature to go outside , moreover, to spent two hours at a football match. Nevertheless, those who took the risk to come to Dinamo in such weather witnessed quite nice football. Dinamo played various combinations, played creative and did its best to achieve the desired result.

Kehinde Fatai on the 50th minute, responded to a great pass by Artsem Salavei and scored the second goal in this match. It would seem that it is all over, but the blue-whites continued attack. In one attack, Aliaksander Makas, who came off the bench in the second half, was cut down in the opponent’s penalty area, but the referee remained silent and once again, like many times in this season, Dinamo was left without a fair penalty kick...

But our players managed to score again. The author - Dinko Trebotich received a pass from Makas and put a fat point in this season, finalizing the 3-0 victory.
Well, we didn't manage to rise higher in the standings - our result is the third place. Nevertheless, we should all thank each other for this season. Yes, bronze medals are unlikely to please anyone, but in 2018 there were quite a lot memorable and positive moments, and for that we should thank the team and the coaching staff.

Thanks to everyone who was with us! See you soon!



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