Matchday 25. FC Minsk - Dinamo. Who are the referees?


Match officials for the match of MD-25 of the «2018 Belarusbank - Championship of Belarus football season among the Premier league teams» FC Minsk - Dinamo-Minsk are designated. The match will be held on Saturday, October 20, at 15:00 at «Minsk» stadium.




Match officials:  
Referee: Dzianis SHCHARBAKOU (Minsk)
Linesmen: Anton РUSEU (
Minsk), Maksim ARABEI (Minsk)
Reserve referee:Yauheni KAVAL (Hrodna)
Inspector: Viktor CHERNIK (Masty)

In this season Dzianis SHCHARBAKOU served one match with our club:

MD-15, July 7, Dinamo – Torpedo – 1:0






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