Our newcomers comment on their transfer to Dinamo-Minsk


Giorgi Navalovski, Aliaksei Haurylovich and Mikita Korzun talk about the transfer to our club




Giorgi Navalovski:



Welcome to Belarus, to "Dinamo-Minsk". Tell us about getting here?
- I got a phone call and was told that there is such an option for my career. I know that "Dinamo-Minsk", like "Dynamo" Tbilisi, is a team with a rich history and traditions. And I'm glad to be here. The team has a goal to become a champion and I want to help Dinamo in this. I will do my best.

Probably, you've heard enough about Belarusian football?
- As I said, I know that Dinamo is a team with traditions. And I've heard about other clubs in your country. Moreover, a year ago our national teams met and played a draw, though I did not take part in that match. I also played with Ihar Stasevich.

Last season you spent in Russian Premier League. Was it a good one?
- What can I say, the team relegated, which means that the task was not completed, then it's bad. It makes no sense to speak about any personal results, the main result is the result of the team. I know that SKA recently visited Minsk, played a friendly match but I was not in the team at that time.

One of the attractive moments of your new contract was the possibility to take part in Europa league matches, wasn't it?
- It was very important. Before I've already played in qualifying matches with Tbilisi "Dynamo", now again there is an opportunity to take part in such important matches.

In the second round we had a good chance to Tbilisi "Dynamo".
- It's good that we did not meet (smiles). For me it would be inconvenient to play against my former team.

Georgians are loved in Belarus, as well as vice versa. No problems with adaptation?
- Of course, I know that. I am sure that everything will be fine, I already feel a special attitude from the very first day I came here - this is important for me.



Aliaksei Haurylovich:



What a cycling in our football: our captain went to Brest, and Brest captain came to Dinamo-Minsk. Welcome back!
- Thank you very much. I'm very pleased that I again got a chance to play in "Dinamo-Minsk". In the club in which I spent almost eight years. You know, I never stopped thinking that I'll come back one day. And here I am. Dinamo gave me the way to great football, I managed to play at a rather early age for the main team and this experience was very important for me. Also, the responsibility was great.

You managed to play against our team in the first round match. What was remembered?
- What can I say, look at the standings and make conclusions. The team is fighting for the championship, as always, nothing to add.

Very soon the second qualifying round of the League of Europe will start ...
- I would like to go with the team as far as possible and all thoughts only about this.

Did you play at Dinamo stadium?
- When in youth, I was sitting on the bench (smiles). But, I took part in the opening-match in the united "Dinamo" team.

How do you like the arena?
- Excellent, new stadium and it was a great pleasure to play there.

What can you say about the drastic changes in your career?
- I am grateful to Dynamo Brest, I left with my head held high, I think I also left a big mark in club's history. I remained friends with all the guys. And I can only say that everything that is done - is done for the better



Mikita Korzun:



As far as we know, your return happened quite quickly, right?
- Vitali Bulyha called me and offered me such an option, with loan contract. It is a transfer window now, and I have not played for a long time, so I quickly decided to return to where everything started. I repeat, I have not had a normal game practice for a long time, but I really want to play. So I'm here - for me it's a very good offer.

Did you have other offers?
- Yes, I had offers from both Russia and European clubs. But here in Minsk a got all conditions as clear as possible, which convinced me not to wait for other options.

Six months ago, Khlyobas came from Kiev to Minsk, now you. Dima showed himself here quite well.
- For me, the main task is to play, because I didn't have the practice for nearly six months. The desire to go off scale - ready to play at least three matches a week, like in childhood, with hunger for the game.

Still feel like a young?
- Absolutely! (smiles).

Did you follow our championship?
- It seems to me that the Belarusian football has become even more talked about and it's great. Interesting news, transfers, everything is cool.

How much has Mikita Korzun changed during these 2.5 years?
- Matured ... Perhaps, became wiser (smiles). Mostly - all the same open and cheerful guy!


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