Navalovsky and Korzun comment on the result of the match in Salihorsk.


Dinamo players sums up the result of the match against Shakhter.





Georgi Navalovsky:

Two full matches for the national team, two wins. Did you come back to Belarus in a good mood?
- Yes, of course, it is always a pleasure to win. Our fans were very happy, because it never happened for a long time. Naturally, the mood was good. But this is already in the past, I need to switch and get back to my club - I'm a professional and now I need to make every effort to help my team.

The attack was not so good in the first half. Why?
- I do not know, maybe because of the field - it was very heavy, soft and it was difficult to show good football on it. Also an hour and a half on the road affected: we arrived - and immediately went on the field.

Nevertheless, in the first half you had enough work: a lot of movement on the flank ...
- I tried, there was an task to deliver the ball from below, but it did not work good enough. We need to think on this components.

How do you like today's match?
- "Shakhtar" seemed a good and creative team. They had some good opportunities, while we ... Today it was a game "until one goal", but it did not happen.




Mikita Korzun:

What was your mood when you returned back to the team? You didn't have a chance to play for the national team this time.
- Everything is just fine. Physically I felt great, I practiced with the national team. I really wanted to return back to the club soon, on the field.

There was an impression that the team was still lacking some freshness.
- I do not know... Maybe the status of the match affected - everyone wanted to play reliably, didn't want to make a mistake.

Already closer to the break, the game was very intensive and tough. You even felt it on yourself.
- It's okay - it's football. On such a heavy field it is very important not to lose in individual struggles, maybe that's why the game was very tough. We tried to play according to the manner of the opponent, they offered a tough game we accepted it.

No shots on goal - unusual statistics for us.
- We had enough good chances for a shot but every time we made an unnecessary pass..

Did you feel the support of the fans?
- There was a good atmosphere today: our fans drove us forward, it was great.



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