Post-match comments from Bilanoh.


Dmytro Bilanoh comments on the result of the match.






- The game was a little nervous at the beginning. Perhaps, because not all the coach's requirements were fulfilled. That's why there were some crucial mistakes. But then we gathered together, scored and everything was already in our hands. The opponent simply had no chance.

Dinamo won for the first time in this season with such a crushing score. What are your emotions from such a victory?

- In fact, we should have had more such games. We always have lots of opportunities, we simply don’t always score, and that's why we got some very tough matches or when we won with a minimum score. We didn't use our opportunities.  And if we would, it would be much easier to play in previous matches.

The beginning of the match was very upsetting, we missed a quick goal ...

- I would not say that this is because we were nervous. Just something did go right from the first minute. We will watch the video review, discuss the game, and analyze our mistakes. But, of course, it is better not to bring the situation when you have to catch up, when you give your opponent any advantage. It is better to score one, two, three goals and play for fun.

What do you think about the opponent?

- Well, they are young, they move a lot running. Sometimes they do well, sometimes make mistakes . I would not say that there was some kind of tough game. Normal game. But I think our team is individually much stronger. Due to this, I think we won today with such a score.

Already at the end of the match you had a very good opportunity, seemed it was better to pass the ball to a partner, but you decided to hit by yourself. Felt like a possible hat-trick?

- To be honest, when passed one defender, the another one, and then probably felt some kind of euphoria, I did not see my players around. Only when I struck, I realized that I would have to pass it to a partner, so, yes, there was my mistake here.

Next match is against Zhodzina "Torpedo".

- We will be preparing just like for any other match. Before each match we have just one task - to go out and play to win, no matter what the opponent is



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