Post-match comments from Vitaly Dyakov.


Vitaly Dyakov сomments the match.






- Unfortunately we didn't manage to crack the defense. The opponent played a deep defense. A draw is a fair result, although, of course, we wanted to win. We fully controlled the ball, but we failed to score. And as you know, no victories without goals scored.

Today, the team played with three central defenders for the first time this season. How effective was it?

- Yes, we started with three central defenders, then rebuilt. We have a certain tactic for each team, and the coaching staff develops a game plan, they know better.

FC "Minsk" has several fast young players in the team, was it hard to play against them?

- I do not know, I did not notice their players were so fast. Maybe for some other sports they are fast, but not for football.

This season you get to starting lineup and played all matches till the end. What are your impressions from the start of the season?

- If you win the match, then the mood is good, and the emotions are positive. And when there is a draw, like today, this naturally has a negative effect. We are on the go in the Cup, have to reach the final. And of course have to win in the Championship, to take leading positions.

You played in the Russian Premier League, how can you assess the level of the championship of Belarus?

- In Russia, the level is higher, I think no one will doubt. There are more skilled players in Russia, but there are also quite good teams here, and individual players as well.
We will play the next home match at Dinamo Stadium ...

- Of course it is always more pleasant to play at your own arena, on a green natural lawn. I think everyone is waiting for this.


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