Yahor Zubovich: "I feel like I'm 20".


Post-match comments from Yahor Zubovich.






Not every day you wake up with the thought that you now turned 30. How was your morning? Festive?

- In fact, quite a usual morning, like any morning on the road: we got up, had breakfast. They asked me about "Sektor Gaza" song..

Put it on?

- I will, of course, I need to find bigger speakers (smiles).

Did the guys congratulate you?

- Yes, of course, a lot of good words were said, I thank them very much. In general, I feel I'm 20. Unfortunately there is a bad tradition to think that after 30 they players are old. But in fact, by this age you not only know how to play, but also know a lot of other important things, and I think this is an advantage.



Today's match began very hard, do you agree?

- Undoubtedly. We tried to attack by were "captured". It is good that they didn't score the second time. Well, then we woke up.

What was the reason of such an unsuccessful start? Perhaps a loss of concentration or something else?

- It’s trivial, but yes, it’s really a lack of concentration. We lost the ball on our half, cross to the penalty area, we didn't cover the far goal post and that's why got a goal.

How did you initially prepare for this match, taking into account the events that have happened in the team over the past two days? What was the atmosphere inside the team?

- In fact, we tried to abstract as much as possible from everything. There is no other way, we are professional players. But it is really hard, when at the same time there is a change of a coaching staff and changes in the club's management, a lot of different thoughts climbs into your head. Therefore, it is good that today's match has ended so well for us.

What was the talk during the halftime?

- Everything was calm. We were asked to add physically and emotionally, advised some hints. We took them into account, and successfully implemented everything we planned in the second half.

You are the headliner of this match, but I think Maks Plotnikau also deserves the highest marks today?

- Yes, a huge respect to him for his just crazy saves. If not his confident game, it could have ended completely differently for us.




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