Happy birthday to Artsiom Bykau!


Congratulations to Artsiom Bykau on 25th anniversary!





Today, his 25th birthday celebrates a man of strong will, our midfielder - Artsiom Bykau! This guy came to our club almost six years ago and during this time he made a long way from reserve team, loan contract in "Biaroza-2010" and to the captain of the main team. And today he is only 24!

This guy won a respect of the fans for his dedication and sincerity. In his career occurred a terrible trauma, but he found the strength to return to the field and start playing even more confidently. In this season Bykau already has 10 points (5 scores + 5 assists), and this is the best result in the team right now. Well, we still have more matches so he can improve the result!

We congratulate Artsiom on his birthday and we wish him to forget about the word "injury". We also with him faith, strength, leader character and more wins together with our club!



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