Ihar Shytau: "I'm glad to return to the club where my football career has started"


First interview with Ihar Shytaus after his return to Dinamo.






Ihar, welcome to "Dinamo", rephrase welcome back to "Dinamo". Because this is where your football career has begun, hasn't it?
- Of course, I'm glad to return to the club, which opened for me the road to the big football. Here I grew up as a football player. I got here at the age of 14 ... I started with the Academy and I am very proud to return, and I will try to do my best. I once again thank the club which paid attention on me when I was in Polatsk.

Nevertheless, for "Dinamo" you did not play a official matches as a part of the main team, although you became a champion together with reserve team and was with the team in the golden year of 2004. What do you remember about that time?
- Of course, I remember these gold medals. I also keep in memory and champions medals of the reserve team. And that we've been champions two years in a row, under the leadership of Yury Pyshnik. I remember our famous training base in the Stayki ... (smiles).

Probably, much has changed since then?
- Absolutely nothing (laughs). Everything is the same.

How was your first training with the team?
- The guys met me well, everything is fine, in a working mode. In "Dinamo" there are a lot of guys who I know when I was playing in the championship of Belarus. Siarhei Hurenka congratulated me on my return to the team and I thanked him for his trust.

In Belarus you return after seven years. What emotions do you have when you return home?
- Playing abroad is good, but at home it's always better, because you always want to be closer to your family. Home is home, it is more pleasant to work here.

Did you follow the performance of "Dinamo" in this season?
- Of course I did. I saw the match against BATE on "Tractor". The impressions were positive, and the tournament position is good, because the team is fighting for the first place, as usual. I believe that I can help Dinamo to achieve its goal.




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