Ihar Shytau: "Everyone must analyze himself, and find out the reasons of failures."


Ihar Shytau comments on the result of the match in Zhodzina.






The third draw in a row - something goes wrong ...

- True.. true

Do you have any comments on this?

- That's the problem of the whole team and each player personally. Everyone must analyze himself, and find out the reasons of failures, what we do wrong at training sessions ...  Because this all influences the final result. Nothing happens out of the blue.

Was the team ready for the match physically? We had a very energy-intensive match on Sunday?

-Well, everything is fine, everyone managed to recover. But when every match takes place on such heavy fields, it is clear that the it is impossible to keep high speed through all the match. As I said we have recovered normally,...  just couldn't win again.

A very hot week we have coming.

- Plus, we play against direct competitors for medals.

Well yes, Shakhter won his match and increased the gap ...

- I don’t know, we want to win in every match, just like that, but something doesn't working. We have to deserve these victories, and if don't win it means that we are doing something wrong. Again, everyone must find the reasons for this in himself.

But the game was actually rather equal today.

- I agree. We had several good opportunities, but missed ... Maybe was a lack of mutual understanding to bring the attack to the end. Maybe not enough freshness.

Saturday's match in many ways can be decisive.

- We will be just preparing for the next match. This is football and we as players have been is such situations before. It is necessary to win in Vitebsk in order to move on.



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