One match left...


Dinamo wins in Mahileu






Mahilyou, Spartak stadium, ten minutes before the start of the match. Very few fans in the stands. And probably 70 percent of the audience is the support group of Dinamo-Minsk. The weather conditions, five degrees below zero, were not very comfortable  for the visitors.

At night, the temperature in Mogilev dropped even lower, to eight degrees below zero. The field was felt frozen, and this fact seriously puzzled not only the guests, but also the hosts too - it was really dangerous to play on such a "concrete". Well, luckily, there were no injuries today. When, on the second minute of the match Shytau could not normally stop and slipped on the lawn another fifteen meters, rolling out the sideline, it became clear that the quality of football today will be not very high.

Not the first season, the problem of late matches of the season worries many specialists, but the football year for the teams ends again at sub-zero temperatures and difficult conditions for the game. Siarhei Hurenka talked about this at the post-match press-conference. But anyway, we had to go on the field and do our job.



Nikolic returned to the "start", Kaplenka replaced injured Korzun, and Luis Rocha appeared on the Spartak lawn instead of Shvetsou. Dinamo started the match rather bravely: Nikolic and Kaplenka had good opportunities. Shytau was very active on his flank, still being in very good shape even after the hard matches of the national team. In the first half, the hosts adequately restrained the attacking initiative of the guests, but right before the whistle for the break Ivanou managed to score, and celebrated the goal like no one did this before.



A short pause in the active actions after the break and Dinamo again pressed the opponent to his goals. By the middle of the second half Minsk team decided the question of three points in this match: first Nikolic, and after a few minutes Salavei finished the task for the match. By the way, after the second goal scored, Dynamo players raised T-shirts of injured comrades: Korzun and Navalovski, showing the solidarity.. Shytau assisted Nikolic, and the Serb, in his turn, gave an assist to Artsiom Salavei. A few minutes later, Siarhei Hurenka replaced Urosh, and warmly embracing him after he left the field. Today Nikolic played his last match for "Dinamo-Minsk" - he leaves our club due to the completion of his contract ... So, his first and last scoring points for our club Uros earned here, on Spartak - very symbolic.

Dinamo confidently finished the match, earning another victory in the championship. This was the last away match of the season, and only one official match left to play in 2018. The last match will be played on December 2. And today we thank all those fans who today despite the cold weather came to Mahilyou to support the team!



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