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Dinamo players took part in the campaign "Mac Happy Day".






McDonald's ... Perhaps there is no a child in the world who would be indifferent to this restaurant. "French fries", "Hamburger" and delicious ice cream is a standard set for those who love to go there. A cup of coffee is also a good reason to come here. And today, our good friends from MacDonald's not only invited us to come to visit them, but also offered us to work at the cash register and to take part in  the wonderful "Mac Happy Day" campaign. And we, of course, happily agreed!



Dinamo participates in such events not for the first time. A few years ago, the honored Belarusian football players Uladzimir Karytska and Vitali Bulyha tried themselves in the role of the workers of the cafe "A-100". The debut was excellent! And today Mikita Korzun and Uladzimir Khvashchynski came to  McDonalds restaurant at Pritytsky St. 58.



Five-minute introductory briefing and let's go: Mikita with his usual Hollywood smile went to help the cashiers, and Uladzimir Khvashchynski was serving the orders.



Right now in McDonald's, anyone who buys a large portion of "fries" donates 10 kops to the Belarusian Children's Hospice and other organizations. And let us openly say that Mikita has a fantastic promotion skills. Quite a few buyers managed to refuse our midfielder with an offer to take part in the action and to help kids this evening.



"Khvashch" also did his best  - there were plenty of orders this time.



"Yes, time flies fast, because I move all the time, not like this "redhead" who is standing still and slacking around, I'm here with my face sweat ..." - says Uladzimir with a smile. And Mikita returns his smile as well as a new order... and another one ...



Someone came up with his pen and upcoming match booklet. "Please give me my fries ... and sign this for me!" - a little boy in a Dinamo hat draws a pen to Uladzimir.



Someone even managed to take a selfie with a cashier with a charming beard. And someone at all ... was the wife of the cashier ))

"I knew my husband has hidden abilities, but today was really surprised. But looks like he is not so very much indeed happy to see his wife on the other side of the counter,  well, we'll talk about this at home.." - laughs Ekatsiaryna Korzun.



The guys were so busy that they didn’t notice that their time was up. Maximum smiles and positive. And also s new experience during the pause between training sessions. This all is very useful.



"The guys managed to create a real happy event here today, and this is the most important, we sincerely thank them", the restaurant manager shared his impressions with us at the end of the action.



Well, thank you McDonald's for the invitation. Always happy and, as they say, see you soon!



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