Dinamo - Naftan - 3:1. The undisputed victory


MD-21 tour brought "Dinamo" a long-awaited victory - the first in the championship for the last 2 months.





The first minute of the match. "Dinamo" starts from the center, and a few seconds later Yury Habouda makes an accurate cross from the flank to the far corner of the goals area, how Budnik couldn't score only God knows.

The visitors were still discussing the previous moment and Yury Habouda had a chance to score already by himself - the ball went a bit wide.

The second minute of the match. The match between the sixth and sixteenth teams in the standings. Most of the fans were sure that this time nothing would prevent the victory of the team from Minsk. But the visiting team had another opinion.

Of course, it was hard to expect from an outsider of the championship an attacking play. Northerners  "sat" low on their half and played a deep defensive game. But "Dinamo" still had its chances! Sometimes only a final shot was needed. On the 25th minute after the hit by Yahor Zubovich one could hear the ring of the pole. Now there was no doubt that Dinamo has a convincing game advantage and the goal will happen sooner or later.


It was 32nd minute of the match. "Dinamo" received a free-kick opportunity. The position was, like they say, 9 out 10 for the direct shot on goal. But blue-whites chose another scenario. And Yury Habouda after the smart pass from Bykau only needed not to miss the goals. And he scored! The whole team went to the corner flag to celebrate the goal. For the long time since the memorable "morning exercise" celebration we haven't seen a celebrating performance from our team!

Naftan was not much impressed by Dinamo performance and in cold blood used its counter-attack chance a few moments later. From the second attempt  Suchkou managed to "shot" Ihnatovich goals ...

At the end of the first half another great chance had Kaleeu, but this time with his both attempts  Ihnatovich coped well.


Dinamo had a total advantage in the second half. Only 5 minutes after the start "Dinamo" withdrew the question about the winner in this match: Yury Habouda with a cross through half of the field led Zubovich to a rendezvous with Stsiapanau and this time the pole didn't help the guest team. 2:1!

The third goal by Dinamo was rather elegant. Two players who entered the field after the substitution during the half-time, Karytska and Khvaschynski, proved that Siarhei Barouski still has his game intuition. We don't want to describe the goal here but recommend watching the match highlights and see it in action.


"Naftan" managed to show its character only during the last minutes of the match. But their attacks were rare and not very dangerous.

With due respect to Naftan, Dinamo played much better this time and gained an undisputable victory.


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