Mikita Korzun: "When a child my idol was Artsiom Bykau".


First interview of Mikita Korzun after the transfer to Dinamo Kiev





Yesterday we caught up with Mikita Korzun and briefly talked about his career.


What are the first impressions of being in "Dinamo" Kiev?
-  On Tuesday I passed some medical tests, received ammunition, had a rest. Today, I am already in Spain.

Have you learned anything about the team?
- Yesterday was watching old matches. Learned the team a bit. Today I met with the team, was introduced.

All the Belarus and Ukraine begin to compare you with Bialkevich and Hatskevich.
- It's nice of course, but I'm still too far from this players. There is nothing to compare with yet.

Have you received congratulations?

- Of course, a lot of people congratulated, texts and calls. They say, no matter what, I must not relax, only  work and move forward.

Were you expecting what has happened in these last few days?
- Everything happened very suddenly. On Sunday I flew to Kiev, and on Monday - has already signed a contract!


You are 20 years old. There is something to be proud of in such a young age.
- Lucky, in the first place. I had a good season for our club and they from Kiev began to watch me. Many thanks to Yuri Chyzh, he agreed about everything. All is well, everyone is happy.

How did your career in "Dinamo" begin?
- My first coaches Siarhei Maslouski, Ruslan Azaronak and Siarhei Yaskovich. I started as a central midfielder. In the reserve team duplicate with Pyshnik and Savostsikau I also played on that position. When I first got into the main team, with Sedniu, took the same spot. My first appearance was with Pratasau.

In 19 years you had an idol - Gattuso. Who was your idol in 7 years?
- Artsiom Bykau. Seriously. Together we played football in the backyard, and I always wanted to play like him. We studied in different schools and I always went to play football to their school (smiles). We are from very childhood together.

You are very naughty in life. At the same time you are very concentrated on the field. How do you do that?
- Just switch to football every time.


You very quickly got from the reserve team to the main team. While some of your partners from reserve team only  now start training with the main team. Hard work?
- I do not know what to say. I tried to work hard, to show what I was capable of. They  gave me a chance, and I used it.

For many young Dinamo players Mikita Korzun is now a real example. And who was your example in "Dinamo" Minsk?
- Of course, Stas Drahun - captain, team leader.

In the first match you replaced Stas. You were 17 years old. What was in your mind?
- Was very nervous. That was hard to believe. I thought about how to pass the ball, where to go, what to do. I played only for 3 minutes sweated as if played the whole match. In the next season I took my place in the main team. And yet again, I was shaking, nothing has changed (laughs). But I felt that the coach trusts me. And I relaxed. By the end of the season I was much more confident, even call the guys by names (laughs).


So, Mikita Korzun was not always so naughty?
- No, I used to be modest (smiles).

The year 2014 was very difficult for you - you got two injuries.
- It was very difficult. Many thanks to Yuri Chyzh for giving me the chance to play football again. If not him, I would not give this interview, and would work somewhere else. He did 90 percent of rehabilitation, the rest 10 - did my health. He did everything.

In that season you didn't play in the Europa League and couldn't help the team compete for the gold ...
- I was very upset. It is hard to watch from the sidelines...

Did you want to become a real team leader  this year?
- No, not really. I just  realized that I could help. I never thoughts of leadership. Our leaders were Palitsevich, Hutar, Karytska - they were the leaders in the field and around. These people, I learned some leadership qualities from.


You lived together with Palitsevich during camps..
- I always consulted with Siarhei about life moments, and football.  He was an example for me. It was always a pleasure to communicate with him.

Sasha Hutar, for example, in a recent interview said that your character sometimes charged the entire team to fight.
- Of course very nice to hear such words from such a player like Sasha Hutar. Please, tell him my thanks (smiles).

What is the most memorable moments of the past season?
- Europa League, of course. It was unforgettable. In Salzburg were really crazy emotions. I remember the arrival of Vitus, Tsiharau. They are in my group of Spartans, how I call them (smiles). These people are very close to me in spirit - they always go to the very end and will go the hottest spot with the speed of airplane.

The most interesting question, where did Korzun took powers in Brest for that crazy race at the end of the match against "Zurich"?
- At that moment I switched off - head disconnected. I had to stand and in my zone, keep the position, but something switched, and I ran. If the head would be cold , I would stayed in the position.



Do you feel upset for not scoring for "Dinamo"?
- Maybe in Kiev I will (smiles). Of course, upset, always nice to score, but not just get yellow cards. I wanted very much. I had enough chances... I have to train I guess.

On Memorial of Hranatkin you once scored a crazy goal from the midfield. On CIS Cup you also had a very powerful kick into the crossbar. Is this your trick?
- Yes, my trick is to score in January.Let's wait for next January, we'll see what happens (laughs).

Fans and others worry about "Dinamo" left by the leaders: Palitsevich, Udoji, Korzun and others. What do you think?
- Nothing wrong with that. We now have a good team and it is already working hard. It will be hard to replace such a player as Palitsevich, for example - but I think the club will be able to find a replacement. The team will succeed, I'm sure.

What would you wish to our fans?
- I wish to believe in "Dinamo",  as I always do. I've been to the fan sector. It is like a family - if any problem, all helping each other. If you cheat on the field - they see everything it and don't appreciate it. In general, our fans are the best in the country. All victories yet to come! I believe in it.




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