Kehinde Fatai: "A hat-trick should not surprise you in such a club like Dinamo".


Interview with our forward after the hat-trick in the match against "Minsk".





In Saturday's match against FC Minsk, the Nigerian forward of our club managed to score three times. This not happens every day in Dinamo-Minsk, and to be honest not every year. Back in April 2015, in the return Cup match against FC Vitebsk, Fatos Bechirai made a hat-trick. Since that time no one player of our club has scored three goals in one match.



By the way, for Fatai this is also not an ordinary moment in his career. Until Saturday, three goals in one match Nigerian player scored only once - in 2014, playing for the Romanian "Astra" against the Czech "Slovan" in the UEFA Europa League qualifying match.



"Please, understand me - now I'm not in the mood at all to talk," Kehinde answered the request to comment on the result of the match against FC Minsk on Saturday. It should be said that he really look not in the mood, it would be better to say that he looked  exhausted ... Fatai together with Yahaya and Andrei Harbunou were discussing what happened on the field and left the locker room the last. However, our meeting with Kehinde took place three days later and he answered all questions from the press service.



After Saturday's match you looked really exhausted ...

- Yes, indeed, I was upset, but how could it be otherwise? Is Dinamo able to get some other result than victory? You can't lose points like that, especially if you are aiming for the top level. You have no right to miss such goals and lose the victory.

Do you think the match against FC Minsk turned out to be the best for you in a long time?

- To be honest, for me personally, FC Minsk was not such a serious opponent as BATE or Shakhter. A good and young team, but still not the same, with all due respect to this team. It was not the best game for me - for sure.

But still scoring three goals in one match is cool.

Yes, I scored - it's good. It is always good when you score, but the level of opponent was not what I expected, honestly.



This is only the second hat-trick in your career.

- Perhaps. I can't remember all of my goals.

Now, when I talk to you and look into your eyes, I understand that this, indeed, means not much to you.

- When you play against teams from the bottom of the standings - you think only about three points, nothing more. We did not win on Saturday. When you score a hat-trick in a big match, this is one thing. And when you score in the "working mode", from the outside it may seem something surprising, but I have no special feelings. For me it is much more important to take three points than to score. Therefore, I was upset. But in any case, to score three goals is a pleasant feeling, because you, as an attacker, understand that you've done your job well.

Your hat-trick is the first for Dinamo in three and a half years.

- Yes, after the match I saw what you wrote about it. Dinamo is a very big club with traditions. I knew about Dinamo for a long time, even when was playing in Europe - that is why I decided to come here. But it's not good that such events as hat-tricks occur so rarely. For such a club, it should be an ordinary thing. When you play in European competitions every year, you fight for high places - such things should be a surprise.



Your second child has been born recently. Perhaps this event gave you extra strength?

- Yes, my daughter was born and, of course, I was happy. I left the team for a while because of this event, then I returned, trained and was fully prepared for the match.

You have already played five matches for Dinamo. How do you evaluate the starting period of your blue-white career?

- We had two good matches: in Salihorsk and Barysau. We started the match against BATE very well, scored, controlled the match, but then we lost concentration and lost the match. But I liked that match - this is what I want, what I expect all the time. It was an interesting match that was great for us, but in such fights the minimum loss of concentration for a minute can be very expensive. A strong opponent, as a rule, does not forgive such mistakes and you have to pay for it.

You like to play against strong opponents, is that right?

- There are no unimportant matches, in every match you have to take your points and if you lose them in matches against those teams that are weaker than you, this is very bad. Each match is important, but, of course,  a match against a strong opponent is of great importance, because you have a good opportunity to show your best abilities.



What is your overall impression after these five matches?

- Each team is maximally preparing for the match against Dinamo - this is the main thing that I noted.

Belarusian "Classico" is the biggest match of Belarus. You have the experience of the Prague derby - the main match of the Czech Republic. Can you compare these two confrontations?

- Yes, the match between Sparta and Slavia is really the main derby of the Czech Republic. Players can't wait to play in it, because when you see the stands and the atmosphere on them - you charge up and think only about winning the match, this derby is something special. Frankly speaking, the match between Dinamo and BATE is of a bit lower level.

What are the differences?

- You know, even when I played for Ufa against Rubin, for example, the attention to this match was very big. This match is called the Tatar-Bashkir derby. They write about it, they discuss it - this is important. When teams from Moscow play with each other, there is nothing to compare with - the level differs enormously. A derby is a derby not only on the field, and for a football player it is very important. If you lose - you look forward to the next match to get another opportunity to win.

Well, on Sunday we are waiting for the next derby - between Dinamos.

- It will be a very important match for each player of our team. We will be tune up seriously for this match, be sure. We need points - first, we need a victory - second. After Saturday's match, nothing else can be said.



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