Artsiom Rudzianok meets his new friends


Dinamo-Minsk players visited Barauliany Children's Center of Oncology, Hematology and Immunology.






A few weeks ago, we have receive a letter from the Barauliany Children's Oncology, Hematology and Immunology Center. It told us about a boy from Svetlahorsk who is very fond of football and the staff of the children's center kindly asked us to support the ten-year-old Artsiom Rudzianok. Of course, we gladly agreed.


On Friday, Artsiom Bykau, Yaraslau Yarotski and Artsiom Kiyko went to Barauliany - two namesakes of the little boy visited him. Artsiom is a fan of Barcelona and believes that after the departure of Neimar to Paris, the affairs of the blue-garnets are worse. But the boy from Svetlahorsk also knows about Dinamo from Minsk. With burning eyes he met our players - he never saw professional football players so close. During the visit the guys talked on different topics: Bykau, Yarotski and Kiyko remembered their school years and how they made their first steps in football.


Artsiom Rudzianok got to Barauliany children's center because of a severe leg trauma - that is why the words of support from Artsiom Bykau had a special weight. After all our midfielder very well knows what "trauma" means to a player. From our football players, the boy received as a gift a set of a football uniform with his own name and number 10. With great joy, Artsiom immediately changed his Neimar's shirt to his own, personal!

We also met Artsiom's mother, and promised to visit young football player more times. Well, the boy promised us to draw some beautiful drawings for the next visit and support our team at the TV. Moreover, he hopes that soon he will be able to visit the stadium personally and see live how his favorite "Dinamo" plays. And we believe that our visit will be able to give Artsiom forces for the soonest recovery.

For sure, this Friday we met a very strong and confident boy who will become our good friend.



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