Dinamo-Minsk players visited a secondary school in the village of Aziarychyna and fulfilled a fan’s dream...


Yesterday Dinamo-Minsk players visited a village Aziarychyna in Pukhavichy region.






March 10, the stadium of FC "Minsk", the first match of the season. In sectors 4 and 5, people are actively gathering in blue- white scarves. Fans of Dinamo-Minsk finally returned to the stands. The starting whistle ... but the "sector" is silent ... 28th minute, a canvas with a photo of Aliaksei Bialevich appears over the stands - a few weeks before "Koshchei" (that's was his nickname in fan circles) tragically died. The fan sector applauds, people from the central stands join, they get up from their seats, Aliaksei's parents cannot hold back emotions ... This way blue-whites honored the memory of their friend, brother and comrade.


On the eve of the great Easter holiday, our football club made its contribution in honoring the memory of fan who was faithfully devoted to the club. "Koshchei" died on the eve of his 29th birthday, and his first match of Dinamo-Minsk he visited at the age of ten. Yesterday, representatives of our club, fans and two Maksims - Shvetsov and Plotnikau went to the homeland of Aliaksei (Aziarychyna village, Pukhavichy region).


After the visit to the grave of Aliaksei, we went to Aziarychyna secondary school, where Aliaksei grew up, where his mother, Lyudmila Leanidauna, works as a director. "Koshchei" had a dream, to dress the children of his home school in the football uniform of his favorite club. Unfortunately, he did not have time to fulfill his dream, so we had to do it for him.


The school children met us in their own sportswear. On the back it was written: "Dinamo- Aziarychyna", on the chest - the initials of Aliaksei. Honestly, it was a big and very pleasant surprise to this small affiliation of Dinamo fan family. About 50 people gathered in a small gym. There were pupils not only from local school, but also from the neighboring village schools, and also some of the parents. A small press conference in the format of "question-answer" flew very quickly. Children asked absolutely various questions, starting from how our players got into big football, ending with their secret fears. It was fun and positive, and the students with hiding breath listened to the answers of the players.

After a autographs session took place the most interesting thing - a football game! The guys split into two teams sending each Maksim on opposite sides. Not only boys appeared on the field, but also girls, and the father of one of the pupils became the goalkeeper of one of the teams. The real emotions and sincere joy were in the eyes of children. By the way, Plotnikau's team won 2-0, and Maksim himself scored both goals, but "Sheva"could not score - the goalkeeper was too good.


Lyudmila Leanidauna was incredibly happy and grateful for such a meeting: "The children and parents of our children were very pleased. I think that Lesha saw everything and was also very happy. Uniform looks great. The guys have a lot of impressions and I think this meeting will give a new leap to football in our village and the son will be happy". The school received a whole bag of balls as a gift from our club and, most importantly, a real football uniform with Dinamo logo. Aliaksei's dreamed came true.


Joint photos for memory, a tour around the school accompanied by Lyudmila Leanidauna - there will be a lot of pleasant memories for all participants of today's visit to Aziarychyna. And most importantly - the fulfilled dream of our friend, and the growing army of our fans after today's event. Aliaksei was a devoted fan of Dinamo-Minsk, he had a hundred "aways" behind. He loved the team with all his heart. And his heart stopped beating too soon.. But the memory of him will live forever.



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