Dinamo-Brest - Dinamo-BSUPC. Head coach comments


Women's League. Post-match comments from Yury Maleeu





Yury Ivanavich, Round 9 match of the Women's League-2021 is over, how would you rate him?

- Well, such games are hard to comment on, of course. You yourself understand that it is difficult to objectively assess the last match and this one. The girls got the necessary load, something worked good, something else not quite good. But, again, the level of resistance in these last matches is not enough to test our team at full capacity. In general, this year we have not yet had matches with a really strong degree of resistance, so it’s even difficult for me to say at what level we are.

The first half of this season for the women's teams is over. What are your impressions of the nine matches of "Dinamo-BSUPC"?

- The first circle for many reasons, well, most of it, for sure, became kind of absorbing for our girls. We needed a game practice, because there was a sorely lack of test matches in the offseason. Well, and most importantly, I repeat, the level of resistance in the Women's League this year is not yet what we would like. Well, now we played last match of the first circle, literally in a couple of days we are waiting for the first match of the Women's Cup of Belarus against "Vitebsk", and then almost immediately we start the second circle. We won't have any breaks for analysis, we just prepare from game to game.

In the last match for the team (in official matches) Alina Kharashchak made her debut, before the match with "Dynamo Brest" the player was also in the squad list. Can we still see her in the upcoming matches?

- Honestly, I planned to let her to play in Round 9 as well. But we had an unscheduled substitution in the 30th minutes of the match, which confused all the plans. Colette fell out the game completely, I don't understand yet for what reasons. I had to replace her with Tsadjia, because of this Alina had to stay in reserve. This happens, unfortunately. However, it's okay, she will play her game on Sunday in the youth championship and will continue to work with "Dinamo-BSUPC".

Do our team have any test matches in the near future, if not a secret?

- Yes, we are planning friendly matches. I will not discover anything yet, but we have the opportunity to hold several friendly matches abroad and many thanks to the management of FC "Dinamo-Minsk" for that. The teams are very good, the only thing now is the issue of visas, and if, God forbid, everything works out, then before the Champions League we will be able to see what we are really capable of.



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