Invitation to the women national teams.


Our girls in national teams






From  November 20 to December 2, the Belarusian national women's football team will hold a regular training camp. The team will also have two qualifying matches for EURO 2022: on November 27, the girls will play on the road against Northern Ireland in the city of Belfast, and on December 1, against the team of Wales (Newport).

This time, the head coach of the national team Yury Maleeu (also the head coach of "Dinamo-BSUPC" team) invited 11 "Dinamo" players to participate in the training camp: goalkeeper Marya Svidunovich; defenders Yulia Sliasarchyk, Nastassia Novikava, Viktorya Kazakevich; midfielders Nastassia Linnik, Nastassia Shuppo, Nastassia Shlapakova, Hanna Pilipenka, Vita Nikalaenka; forwards Karyna Alkhovik and Darya Stsiaezhko. Also, the coaches Ruslan Kameisha, Aliaksander Skakalin and doctor Volha Ulasava will be involved in the work with the National Team.

Our goalkeeper Natalia Munteanu received a call to the women's national team of Moldova to participate in the qualifying matches of EURO 2021 against the teams of Spain and the Czech Republic. The national team of Moldova will face the Spanish team on November 27, the girls will play against the Czech Republic on December 1.



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