Post-match comments by Aliaksei Ryas.


Aliaksei Ryas comments on the result of the match.







It was obvious that the game would be very careful, accurate, because "Neman" and "Dinamo" have strong defense and concede little. A tactical struggle was expected. How did it actually turned out?

- The game was as expected, only one goal was scored. Although, I think, both teams had more chances to score. In the first half, indeed there was a more cautious game. And also it seemed to me that the referee used the whistle too often, this interrupted the game. And in general,  I agree, the match was tough. We saw how Hrodna played in previous matches. We understood how they would act with us and understood that they use second wave attacks, with constant transfers into the penalty area. But still we missed ... I don’t know, maybe there was not enough concentration. It’s hard to say now, we'll watch the review and figure it out.

By and large, everything was not bad in defense, because "Neman" mainly used long-range shots, but still we made mistakes ...

- Well, yes, as far as I remember, there was a corner free-kick and after and Stojkovic rebounded the ball and scored. Again, it's hard to say now, we have to watch the video to see exactly how it happened. They often use the trick to send crosses behind the back of our defenders. I think we did well to cope with this. The problem is that we didn't score. I guess we had to be more aggressive in the penalty area, with more creativity.

Unfortunately, the distance between us and the leading three is increasing. What do you think or is it difficult to analyze the standings right now?

- Well, "Neman" will still play with the "Shakhter", BATE, with "Dynamo Brest". I think we need to re-start on the winning series and just collect our points. I think we will still have a chance to get closer to the top three, because I am sure that the opponents will not be able to win all the matches and will lose points.






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