Congratulations on the birthday of Dinamo-Minsk!


Dinamo-Minsk celebrates its 92th birthday!





Dear friends! Today our beloved club - "Dinamo-Minsk" - celebrates its 93 birthday!



On June 18, 1927, "Dinamo-Minsk" held its first officially registered match. In Smalensk local team was beaten with a score of 2:1!


Dinamo-Minsk is the champion of the USSR, two-time finalist of the USSR Cup, three-time bronze medalist of the USSR championship, participant of the quarterfinal matches of the European Champions Cup, the UEFA Cup, Cup Winners' Cup. Seven-time champion of Belarus. We are proud of our history, our glorified veterans, we remember and honor.


Far beyond Minsk well-known such outstanding players as Anatoly Egorov and Gennady Khasin, Ivan Moser and Gennady Abramovich, Eduard Malofeev and Mikhail Mustygin, Eduard Zarembo and Alexander Prokopenko, Yuri Kurnenin and Sergei Aleinikov, Sergei Gotzmanov and Valentin Belkevich and many others.


Today we congratulate all Minsk citizens, all fans of our club in Belarus and abroad, we congratulate football players and coaches, all those whose life is connected with Dinamo.


We believe in the success of our club and we continue to support it! We wish good health to all those who work for the glory of Dinamo. We wish all football players who now play for our club remember and honor the glorious history of our Great Club, the traditions that our legendary veterans laid down many years ago!


Congratulations, dear friends!



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