Post-match comments by Yahor Zubovich.


Yahor Zubovich comments on the results of the match.






We finished the season with Dinamo derby, a few words about the game.

- Dinamo derby - is always a very tough match. We saw a very interesting football today, many attacks, many goals. Unfortunately we lost. This fact of course spoiled the mood before the end of the season. Well, the goal by Noiok, of course, was very beautiful. This goal slightly changed the nature of the game. But, I think, this match reflects our season as a whole: we don’t use our scoring opportunities, but  we miss in simple situations. The final result follows from this.

After our victory in Brest, they came to Minsk to take it back?

- I think for them it was the main motivation. They have already completed their task, became champions. And we are the only team that could beat them. Therefore, for them, this match was important only because of this fact.

What about the fans? There were many of them in the stands.

- Thanks a lot to the fans for coming and creating a real football holiday. Today is December 1, the winter has come, but they've come to support the teams. Thanks to them.

An emotional celebration of the goal...

- I haven’t scored for a long time, I really wanted to score. Finally made it today. Of course I had all those emotions. But still, there is not much joy. A defeat is a defeat. The result is on the scoreboard.

What about the season as a whole?

- In general, the whole season turned out to be unsuccessful, both in terms of the game and in terms of result. Everything went head over heels. Well, the finishing part, respectively, too. We need to relax, analyze everything and get ready for the next season. Life does not end here. Just need to draw the right conclusions and move in the right direction



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