"I think that we played a very good match, did not allow the opponent to create anything".


Yahor Zubovich about the winning match.






On Tuesday, you gave a great interview for Belarus-5, now you scored today. Things go well?

- Well yes, you know, I somehow need to get closer to my hundredth goal in the championship (laughs).

Tell me how you tuned up for this match, especially considering that Gome after a long series without victories beat Vitebsk in the last match and should be on the rise?

- We also tune up the same way for each opponent: analyze previous games, keep good shape, train. We studied their strong and weak sides, knew that they had a good attacking group and actively use counterattacks. I think that we played a very good match, did not allow the opponent to create any dangerous attack. We also could score more ...

At the beginning of the match it was hard, what do you think? A lot of mistakes, especially in the attack, right before the penalty area.

- Yes, we were rushing, we wanted play quickly and beautifully. Then we calmed down, began to play more accurately and concentrated, and more scoring opportunities appeared.

We had several hundred percent scoring opportunities in the first half, but failed. Did you discuss them during the break?

- Well, we agreed with the guys to play more aggressively in the attack. Which worked.

Yes, a good goal, by the way.

- We have trained such a combination. Thanks to Dima Bilanoh for a great pass. Just asked him before the second half: use the flank and serve into the penalty area, I'll be there, at the near pole. We did well.

On Sunday a very important match awaits us. If we win, we remain in the struggle for the top three.

- Now we have every match as the last one, therefore, yes, with Shakhter there will definitely be a very interesting game. We have a whole week to prepare, we will work and, I hope, we will show our best.

And taking this opportunity, we invite ...

- We invite all our fans on Sunday, at 19:00 to "Dinamo" stadium. We need your support.




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