Maksim Plotnikau: "The fact that a guy from Pinsk plays for the national team of his country is cool".


Maksim Plotnikau about the debut for the national team.





Recently, Dinamo-Minsk goalkeeper Maksim Plotnikau made his debut for the Belarusian national team in the match against Wales. Unfortunately, the match ended with a minimal defeat for the Belarusians - 0:1. Nevertheless, for the young goalkeeper of the national team - this was a special event.

Maks, our congratulations on the debut. Tell us, do you remember your first match for the national team?

- I don’t remember exactly the year: either
2014, or 2015 ... But it was a match against the Cyprus national team, we won 3-0 and, as far as I remember, I made assist.

What did you feel when you first entered the field in the shirt of the national team of Belarus?

- I felt pride. The fact that the guy from Pinsk plays for the national team of his country is really cool.

Four years have passed and now, you are already debuting for the main team of the country ...

- Playing for the national team is always great emotions, it doesn’t matter, junior or youth team. But I’m not going to hide it, playing for the national team is hard to compare, very special feelings.

When they told you that you are in the starting lineup, did you panic?

- A little bit, will not hide. It’s like before the first match of the season, when I felt
anxious  all day, until the starting whistle. Everything was about the same here. When we arrived at the stadium there was an interesting situation: I was walking along the corridor, and Bale was coming in front, something incredible was happening in my head: a simple guy from Pinsk will now play against the player from Madrid "Real” - can’t describe in words.

Hutar and Klimovich support you before your debut?

- Of course. They gave valuable advice, told how they once made their debut. Advised to stay calm, wished me luck, prompted small goalkeeper hints.

Was there a chance to save that ball?

- It was a
hard ball ... I wanted to keep my goals saved... I’ll analyze this episode to play better next time.

When Bale entered the field did you feel something?

- No, there was no
any “wow”, the game was already on the go and you can’t distract to such things. The atmoshpere on the stadium was good, and when Bale entered the field, the fans greeted him well. Only for one moment, a thought crossed my mind about this episode.

You know Mikhail
Marhel for a long time, how do you think, has he changed?

- First of all, I would like to say “thank you” to him for his trust, for giving me a chance to debut for the national team. Has he changed? Not really, to be honest, he is the same. A man who is completely in his work.

Debut matches under the leadership of
Marhel are encouraging. How is the atmosphere inside the team?

- Super. There are leaders who are trying to inspire the team, everyone tries to stick together. There were no problems at all, everything was great. I hope it will only get better.

We remind that yesterday our goalkeeper played a full match against Wales away. Unfortunately, the match ended in a minimal defeat for the Belarusians - 0:1.

Nevertheless, congratulations to Maksim on his debut!


Вчера наш голкипер провел полный матч против сборной Уэльса на выезде. К сожалению, встреча завершилась минимальным поражением белорусов - 0:1.
Тем не менее, поздравляем Максима с дебютом!


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