Fatai: "In the second half we realized that we can't lose the match".


Post-match comments from Kehinde Fatai.






It was a crazy match, wasn't it?

- Yes, the game was not bad. We saw before the match what they can do. Very fast players in offense; two or three times we were surprised by how they can counterattack. I think we should have expected this, but in the first half we didn’t fully feel the game. In the second half, we realized that we could not lose the match, and tried harder.

What do you didn't today?

- Their players are were very fast: whenever we tried to control the ball, they played very close and intensive, and took over the control over the ball in seconds. Probably, they also watched our games, because in the first half of the match we were blocked.

What happened at the last minute?

- Based on my experience, if I earn a penalty at the end of the match, I usually let another player to kick. But this time I wanted to score myself, just  for my own confidence, because I didn't score for a month. And in all matches I have only one main task - to score.





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