Post-match comments of Dyakov and Kaplenko.


Vitaly Dyakov and Mikita Kaplenka comment on the match results.





Vitaly Dyakov:


- Of course, the most important thing is that we won. My best congratulations! We didn't have such matches for a white. And maybe it was a kind of a psychological pressure on the team. We started the match very well, led 1:0, then, however, missed a quick goal in the second half. But it did not break us, we quickly managed to score back. Of course, we could have "solved" all questions earlier if not a missed penalty free-kick by Fatai. But this is football, everyone can miss. The main thing is not the lost chances, but the final result.

We had some problems with attacking line in previous matches, even our defenders had to "rescue" the situation. In the match against "Torpedo" Ihar Shytau scored the winning goal, today it was you who scored. Anyway, the first goal for Dinamo. What are your emotions?

- Sooner or later the result comes both for the team and for individual players. It's always nice to score, especially when the team wins. Such goals are doubly enjoyable. I hope that this ball will not be the last one, we will work on this, maybe in the next matches I will be able to score more. And the fact that defenders score is not the main thing, even if it is Maks Plotnikau. The main thing - the result of the match.

First victory after the line of unsuccessful matches. Does the team feel better now?

Naturally, when there is a series of unsuccessful matches, I repeat, psychologically it is hard. Especially after an unfortunate defeat from "Slutsk". But it is good that today we managed to interrupt this "black line". We hope that now everything will go uphill. Moreover, the next match is important, with one of the favorites of the championship. We wish to continue our victorious march in the match in Salihorsk. We'll do our best to win.




Mikita Kaplenka:


- Finally we were able to win. It was a long path to this victory, we really needed it, the team, the fans, we were not able to score in previous matches. But did it today. The third goal was scored beautifully from the game, and could score even more. I believe that the victory is deserved. Although "Gomel" is a decent team and is in good shape. There are good players there, I think they can give battle to many teams in this championship. Well we didn't score our second penalty free-kick and the ending was a bit nervous.

This is your second match in a row in the starting lineup.

- I have been in Dinamo for five years already, I got used. This is a competition, and there is nothing unusual here. But if you work hard, you certainly have all chances to enter the field from the first minutes. We must show our best qualities and desire. We have a large group of players for this position, each of which has his certain qualities. If you combine all this - it turns out a decent team that can show a good result.

What are the team’s goals for this season?

- Our goals, as always, the highest. And to be in the lead in the championship, perform well in the Europa League. We have very strong players in the team. Just in some moments we are a bit unlucky. Even with "Slutsk" we had many scoring opportunities. But after today's match, I think we should start to score more. Especially of the goal by "Yaha" in the last minutes. So now everything should be fine. The main thing is not to jinx it



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