Mikita Korzun: "Finally, I’ve updated my stats."


Interview with Mikita Korzun on the results of the match against FC “Smolevichi”.





Finally! 80 matches for Dinamo had and here it is - your first goal scored. What thoughts came to your mind first after scoring?

- Finally I've updated my stats on transfermarket, and not only there (smiles). For some reason i felt rather calm, just like the game calmed down at that moment ... I am more pleased with the victory, and my first goal ... I didn’t even know how to rejoice. Well, not that I did not know, but just felt really calm.

Your reaction to the goal scored was as if you had spent the best years of your career in Smolevichi, you even asked your teammates to calm down.

- No, not just like that. I just did my job, I scored, and my main task is to work in the center of the field. I was more pleased that I understood that the victory is ours, that's why I had such a peace of mind.

Mikita Korzun of the year 2018 is very different from the one that played for Dinamo-Minsk three years ago. You began to hit the goal more often and you do it very confidently. What's the secret?

- Yes, I agree, but I do not even know what to say. Probably, the time spent in Dinamo Kiev is the reason, because I trained with great partners - it helped. I had to feel confident, to feel that I can play, and first of all I wanted to prove to myself here that I can do it. The time I spent in Kiev - all this gives a result. Hopefully, it will be even better.

Previously, there was a feeling that you're just afraid to get closer to opponent's goal. Nothing of the kind right now.

- In any case, with a good position of a partner on the field - I will always give him a pass, no problems. But if I can hit, then I hit, no doubts.

In general, the match was not the most difficult, the opponent was not that strong. Do you agree?

- Yes, we controlled the game. There were, of course, several episodes when opponent has good chance to score, but that was because of the loss of concentration from our side. In the first half, we have pushed the opponent to his penalty area. The final result is natural.

What about the preparation for the match? What was the atmosphere in the team?

- We have forgotten about the match in Barysau, because we had to think about further matches. Here is a vivid example of what happened today - every team can lose points. Our team is good, everyone understands everything, so we are fine.

Now you need to help the national team.

- We will try. It all depends on our mood: if stand out for each other, if help each other on the field - we show a good game. We now have a good selection of players who can show a good result. Everything is in our hands.



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