Press Office

Application for interview




Interviews, any photography and videotaping (except for a match itself) involving players, coaches and employees of FC «Dinamo-Minsk», a visit to a training camp and attendance at team training should be coordinated with the club press service.

A request signed by the executive director of the media should be sent to club press service by phone (029) 618 74 10 or to the email and include the following information:

- the name of the media, circulation, publication schedule;
- the name, position and contact details of the journalist;
- type of the event: interview, photo sessions, training camp attendance, etc.;
- desired date and place;
- approximate topic;
- full name of the representative of FC «Dinamo-Minsk» taking part in the event;
- planned date of publication.

FC «Dinamo-Minsk» press service undertakes to consider the request and respond within 48 hours upon receipt.

Media must provide the entire publication ready material for the approval by the interviewee.

After match express-interview agreement by press service is not require, provided that interview with the players and the coaches occurs in the mixed zone (at home matches - the hall of the «Dinamo» stadium).

Failure to follow this conditions may result in the prohibition of communication with the players, coaches and staff of FC «Dinamo-Minsk» to the media or their representatives. In case of repeated infringements the press service of the club reserves the right to withdraw the accreditation of the media or its representatives.