The game on the field of history

The book tells the about the history of the FC «Dinamo-Minsk» from its foundation to the present day.

Through the prism of years you will trace the path of the legendary football club which has participated in competitions at various levels, read the biographies of players and coaches who have left the most noticeable mark in the history of «Dinamo-Minsk», see unique pictures, find out about interesting facts and figures.


The 1st halt (1927-1981) - 536 pages

The 2nd half (1982-2012) - 488 pages

Overtime (DVD disc with archive video)
- The early years. 1920 - 1980 years.
- «Golden» season 1982
- Recent history. 1980 - 2000 years.

Circulation: 3000 copies