"Dinamo" friends club


Pub HOPS New pub in Minsk in the English style. 18 varieties of draft beer, a large number of snacks for every taste. 8 types of steaks cooked in a HOSPER oven.

10% discount on all menus, except for promotional offers.

Address: Minsk, st. Kulman, 4

Eurotrips is a new take on youth travel. No boring excursions, a friendly and interesting company of 18 - 35 year old fellow travelers. Fill your life with vivid travels!

- 10% discount on any tour in the CIS;
- 15 € discount on any tour in Europe.


Address: Minsk, sq. Svobody 23, 2nd floor, office 63

Driving school "Jockey" is the first driving school in the country that takes tests online! There are 25 new cars for you, an autodrome and training classes within walking distance of the metro! Driving school "Jockey" - to become a driver is easy!

5% discount on tuition for all categories of rights.

Address: Minsk, str. Moskovskaya, 20-19

Barbershop Taiga This is a specialized salon for men with a brutal masculine interior. At the barbershop you will be offered various haircut options, they will talk about current trends, and you will also be attracted to the special masculine atmosphere and the opportunity to receive a high-class hairdressing service.

Conditions: 30% discount on men's haircut

Address: Minsk, str. Nemiga 6

Club "RE: PUBLIC" is a music club whose doors are always open for you. Throughout the season, live concerts, film screenings, parties in the spirit of the new time, unlimited emotions, loud events and much more are waiting for you, which you will appreciate.

- 50% discount on tickets to nightclubs of the club;
- 10% discount on bar products at any club events.


Address: Minsk, st. Pritytskogo - 62

Bicycle shop VELODOM.BY A quality bike is the key to strong muscles and health. Hurry to get a modern bike for yourself and your loved ones. Make purchases at any time convenient for you, the order will be delivered to you immediately!

- 10% discount on the entire assortment of the store
- 50% discount on bike rental


Address: Minsk, str. Timiryazevа, 9

Pub “The PUB” is located in the very center of the city. Since 2013 it has been taking townspeople and tourists with the simplicity, openness and drive inherent in The Pub.

15% discount on all menus, except for promotional offers

Address: Minsk, str. Karl Marks - 6

STS "BelAvtoTekhKom" one of the best services in Belarus. Car service (STS) offers its customers a full range of services related to post-warranty and warranty service of cars, including: car repair, their diagnostics and regular technical inspection.

- 20% discount on all services stations
- 10% discount for the purchase of spare parts.


Address: Minsk, str. Korvata - 99/14

Stand Up Comedy Hall  первый и единственный стендап клуб Беларуси. Это место, где можно смотреть комедийные шоу вживую 6 раз в неделю, а в некоторые дни даже два раза за вечер.


В репертуаре клуба не только вечеринки классического стендапа. Помимо заготовленных выступлений, можно попасть на шоу, в которых комедия рождается прямо на сцене: Разгоны, Прожарка зрителя, шоу в формате стендап-казино и комедийные квизы. А участие в мероприятиях принимают профессиональные комики со всей Беларуси и даже приглашённые гости из России и Украины, имена которых вы все наверняка знаете.



Адрес: Минск, ул.Куйбышева, д. 45

Компания «NaSporte.by» является одним из крупнейших центров на территории Беларуси по дистрибуции всемирно известных марок в области спорта. Популяризация активного отдыха и продвижение качественной продукции на рынок спортивных товаров — это главные задачи компании. Интернет-магазин по продаже велосипедов предлагает любые модели, на любой вкус и кошелек в любое время! Чтобы изменить свою жизнь к лучшему, не нужно изобретать велосипед, нужно просто его купить! Предлагаем Вам, не теряя времени, отправиться в каталог товаров, чтобы выбрать лучший велосипед, достойный лучшего велосипедиста. 

- Скидка 5% на все велосипеды и спортивные товары
- Скидка 10% на все велоаксессуары