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23 Belarus
Khvashchynski Uladzimir
33 age, wing

Birth date
May 10
in Babruisk, Belarus
179 cm/73 kg

  • Bronze medalist of Belarusian Championship 2011 (U-21)
  • Bronze medalist of Belarusian Championship 2013 (Dinamo Minsk)
  • Bronze medalist of Belarusian Championship 2016 (Dinamo Mn)
  • Silver medalist of Belarusian Championship 2017 (Dinamo Minsk)
  • Bronze medalist of Belarusian Championship 2018 (Dinamo Mn)

Khvashchynski Uladzimir

  • School: Dinamo-Brest
  • First coach: Schegrikovich Vasiliy
  • Previous clubs: Dinamo-Brest, FC Minsk

    Uladzimir Khvashchynski was born in Bobruisk. However, it happened so that he started playing football in Brest, where he moved with his parents at an early age.

    In 2011 Uladzimir took part in the European Junior Championship in Denmark and won bronze medals in this prestigious tournament.

    In Winter 2013 Minsk and Brest "Dinamo" agreeded to transfer the striker.


    In the season-2013, Uladzimir played in more than 30 matches for "Dinamo" and scored 4 goals and made three assists, but the beginning of the next season was not as good (only 5 matches in the main team). At thebeginning of season 2014 Uladzimr went on loan to FC "Minsk", and in the off-season in 2015 was transfered to this club.

    However, a year later, Uladzimir Khvaschynski returns to "Dinamo". The fans and the coaching staff expect that this return will give the player new powers and fully reveal his sniper talent.

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